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Sororro Area Trails
map coming
Quebradas Backcountry Area northwest of Socorro boasts lots of dirt roads/doubletrack as well as the Cerrillos del Coyote singletrack trails that used to be a NMORS race course. The first exit north of Socorro is Escondida. From here go east and turn left on Ditch road, then after a little over a mile go right on the Quebradas Backcountry Byway. (see BLM page) and cross the river. This will bend right then left and will climb up east into the hills. (more directions) There is some cool desert singletrack out there. has a map and writeup.

There is some nice riding in the Magdalena Mountains west of Socorro. Take 60 west from the south end of Socorro. About 4 miles out of you will see Box Canyon Rd. There are some duoble track trails in the desert around the foothills in this area. Continuing northwest about another 4 miles take Water Canyon Rd on your left. This road goes all the way to the observatory on the top of the mountain. It is closed weekdays, as far as I can recall it is closed to bikes as well. There are also various singletrack/doubletrack trails on the eastern slopes of the Magdalenas. These trails no not close. I am working on getting more info up here.  

There is a little townie riding area north of the College, with some nice singletrack through the desert. (info coming)   

Last Update 5-4-16