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The Foothills
View this map in its own page.

Miles of singletrack on decomposed granite gravel, hardpack, fixed rocks, coarse sand. System of maintained trails plus some infromal trails. Note: Bikes are not allowed above the wilderness fence. Heavily used area by bikes and pedestrians. Some folks ride their cross bikes on the smoother foothills trails. Difficulty: Generally 2-3, 4 on the trails closer to I-40. Most of the trails near the Elena Gallegos paved loop are good for Beginners. (1-2) Primary trailheads are shown in the map above.  
The foothills are further divided into the north foothills (Tram to Embudito) and the south foothills (Embudito to I-40) There is a little gap between the two area with no bike accessible trail in between. If coming from the north the trails will send at the Embudito parking lot, take the paved road down the hill and go left at the stopsign. This will be Glenwood Hills* Dr which will become Camino del la Sierra. After about 3/4mi go left on Comanche, go through the gate and the trail picks up again. The south foothills are maybe a little less busy than the north foothills. At the extreme south end of the foohhills you will climb up a ltttle saddle, and can descend down to right next to the interstate. This trail is a bit more technical than the rest of the foothills. 
The foothills in general are firmer and less gravely in the winter, when there is a bit more moisture in the soil. They are a popular riding area when the higher country is covered in snow.  
Open Streets shows most of the foothills trails, inclucuding some of the unofficial ones.  
Albuquerque Open Space also has an officail trailmap.   
As time allows I will try to post more trail info here.  

*Kinid of a cheezy Californiaesque street name if you ask me.  

Last Update 7-10-16