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General Cyling Links last update 8/7/23

NMcycling no longer exists as an organizartion per se, but this site is being kept up to provide information for the cycling communithy, primarily a calentar of events. This site has not been the oficial site for NMBRA (see below) for several years.  

The New Mexico Bicycle Racing Organization (NMBRA) is the official USA Cycling regional organization, and works with USA Cycling to provide officials, coordinate regional champoinship events, and manage the race kit supplies available for promoters. USA Cycling is the primary governing body for cycling in the US of A. Their website list events, teams, officials, rules, etc.

New Mexico Off Road Racing Series manages the NM MTB series.

Duke City BMX is the local Albuquerque BMX track.  

The New Mexico Endurance Series is a series of free MTB/gravel rides. As the endurance name suggests some of them are pretty long. There is often a shorter option in their events. Rides traverse some of the coolest trails/roads in the State.    

The New Mexico Interscholastic Cycling League organizes rides and races for kids under 19. they are affiliates with the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA).

The Dusty Roadrunner Gravel Series organizes a series of free gravel events in NM.  

Trek Echelon Racing organizes the Echelon Cyclocross Series.

BCDracing is the home of the Tuesday MTB/CX series, The New Mexico Old Fashioned Cyclocross Series and various other events. (My site)

For a listing of current NM racing teams, refer to the NMBRA site or go to USACs site. 

Zia Rides organizes several large endurance MTB races in NM and the surrounding area as well as group rides in Las Cruces.

Equipos de Ciclismo Ciudad Juarez lists most races and rides in north central Mexico, particularly In Juarez. Facebook

Bikeburque has a Facebook page that lists local cycling info, alleycats, fun rides, etc. 

Stein Law has a website that discusses kids riding to school. 

Advocacy Links

BikeABQ is a nonprofit organization with over 145 members that engages cyclists through advocacy, education, and outreach throughout Albuqueruqe. The mission of BikeABQ is to increase the number of bicyclists in Albuquerque for transportation, health, and recreation.

Duke City Wheelmen was founded in 2010 by Jennifer Buntz, Steve Mathias (who used to maintain this site) and Dave Hamilton to give a home to their Ghost Bike efforts. They also organize the Ride of Silence and the Can You See Us Now rides.  

The Esperanza Bicycle Safety Education Center focuses is on bicycle education, with the goal of increasing the safety, self-sufficiency and comfort of recreational, fitness, and utility riders alike. Esperanza accepts donations of bikes, bike parts, and other bicycle related items from the community. Donated bikes are refurbished and used in our many programs. There are several ways that someone needing a bike can earn a bike to fit their transportation needs or get their existing bike back into serviceable condition. You can put used parts on your own bike for a donation of whatever you can afford. They are open weird hours, evenings and such.

The Albuquerque Mountain Bike Association is a volunteer, non-profit mountain bike advocacy organization serving the greater Albuquerque area. They are in the process of forming a new IMBA Chapter to replace to old FOO organization.  

Santa Fe Mountain Bike Society is the Santa Fe IMBA chapter. They do advocacy, trail work, rides etc. They also have a cool page that lists all most SF area trail conditions. See their Facebook or website.  

Velo Cruces is a cycling advocacy group in Las Cruces. 

Contact Info

This site is managed by Hawke Morgan for the time being. He is not a non profit, but decided it was best to just keep suffix since it is what has been used forever. You may email him at or call 505-259-6885
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Links, Advocacy, & Contact  

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