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A Selection of Albuquerque Area Cyclorcoss Practice Parks
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Roosevelt Park
The hilliest grass park in town. Be prepared to share it with the frisbee golfers. It has some great terrain, but is better on a cold day as it will be less crowded. Grass is packed, shallow and fast.  

Netherwood Park
Netherwood is on a gentle slope with a steep ridge going through it. Grass is relativley slow and deep for Albuquerque, especially on the south side.

Bullhead Park
Bullhead is pretty flat, but has some giant grass fields that are good for practicing starts.  It is usually pretty quiet.  

Dennis Chavez Community Center Park.  
This park has a few coll grass hills, and some trees to ride around. You can see it from I-25 going south.  It is also pretty quiet.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park
They used to use this park for night cross.  It has a nice litlte stair runup and some grass. 

Hyder Park:
Small park that Nero Veloce used to use for practice clinics.  Convenient but a lot of folks use it for dog training.  It was also used for the NM State CX in maybe 2006.  

Last update 7-10-16