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East Sandias Trails
View this map in its own page.

The East Sandias have some of the coolest trails in the Albuquerque area. I can alomost smell the pine trees now. Parking in picnic areas costs $3 in the Sandias. The ticket for parking without this permit is $75!!!. There are two popular places to park for free, if you are not needing the picnic area services. One is just below the horseshoe corner above Doc Long and the other is below the Sandia Peak Ski area. You can park anywhere else for free as well as long as: It is not marked "No Parking" and you can get your car all the way off the pavement. There are not many places like this, but there are a few. However, $3 is not much and it goes to help maintain the facilities.

The USFS defines a system trail basically as one that they built or approved. There are many non system trails, many used as much as the system trails. Strictly speaking it is legal to ride your bike anywhere in the non-wilderness sections of the Sandias as long as you are not doing undue erosion, or the area is not marked as closed. USFS does not like people to build new trails, but it there is a trail in the non-wilderness sections, you are probably ok riding it. A fair chunk of the east Sandias are wilderness, and you can conceivablely be fined $500 for riding in the wilderness. There is typically a sign were a main trail crosses into wilderness.
A USFS system trail map is available here. USFS Sandia Ranger District Webpage.
Most of the major of the system and non-system trails are shown on Open Streets Maps.  
In addition to the backcountry trails, there are lots of developed trails in the Sandia Peak Ski Area. (Map here)  
The map to the Watermelon Beat Down endurance ride also shows a lot of trails also, see the NMES site. 
As time allows I will try to post more trail info here.  

Last Update 7-10-16