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Cedro/Otero/Oak Flat MTB Area 
View this map in its own page.

"Cedro" is, generally, areas east of 337 and north of Juan Tomas. "Otero"  areas west of 337. "Oak Flat" is areas east of 337 and south of Juan Tomas.
Primary Parking areas shown on the map, all of which are free. Cedro is kind of THE riding area in Albuquerque. Miles of famous, lovely trails which, like the East Sandias, are mostly hardpack with fixed or loose limestone rocks. Not a good area in the rain, as the hardpak turns to clay. Drier and lower altitude than the Sandias, forest is mostly juniper, pinon, and small oaks. Cedro is cedar in Spanish, but there are not a lot of those. The lower altitude trails are tend to be rockier. Note that most of this area is also open to motorcycles. Difficulty 3-5. There are a few easier trails around Oak Flat. 
The extreme southeast part of Oak Flat is not USFS but rather part the City of Albuquerque Open Space Lands.  
The USFS defines a system trail basically as one that they built or approved. There are many non system trails, many used as much as the system trails. Strictly speaking it is legal to ride your bike anywhere as long as you are not doing undue erosion, or the area is not marked as closed. USFS does not like people to build new trails, but if there is a trail there, you are probably ok riding it.
USFS' system trail map here.  
Most of Cedro is pretty rocky for a cross bike, but there are some smoothish trails in the upper areas around Deadman and Oak Flat.  

Last update 12-11-16