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The Bosque

Huge network of mostly flat singletrack. Surface is mostly hardpack or sand. Most of it is good on a CX bike. Depending on the area and recent rainfall, some of the sand can be too soft to ride. The easiest trails are in the vicinity of Central Av. on the east side. If it gets too sady, there is almost always a gravel levee road between the houses and the bosque. Sometimes there is a paved bikepath as well. Generally speaking cyclists mostly ride the Bosque in the winter, spring and fall. In summer the sand is less rideable, it is hot, and there are more weeds and mosquitos. There are a ton of paking areas, basically one everywhere there is a bridge across the river. A few parking areas close to the cooler trails are shown above. I do not know of a really comprehensive trail map of the area. Most of the time there is not more than one nice continious north/south trail through the Bosque, and in some areas there is no trail at all. See chart below.  

Table of trail information 


Sandia Indian Reservation Sandia Indian Reservation
There are a few trails beside the Rivers Edge Communities, and a park with some double and single track north of River's Edge. The south end of this area crosses a sandy arroyo and ties into the Corrales Bosque trails.     The Reservation extends farther south on the eastside.
North end of Corrales Rd  Sandia Indian Reservation
There are quite a few trails north of Alameda, a main trail the whole way by Corrales, with several smaller branching trails, as well as a levee road. These tend to get sandy in summer. Some equestrian traffic in this area.   There are some decent trails north of Alameda some of which tend to be sandy during dry weather.
Alameda Blvd. Alameda Blvd.
Trails are very sandy near Alameda, nicer towards Paseo. Very sandy trails
Paseo del Norte Paso del Norte.
There is a nice wide trail through this section, not too sandy. Trail often gets used by equestrians as well, so be heads up. Very sandy Trails
Monano Blvd. Montano Blvd.
Private land (I think) no public access. Some nice trails, some sandy ones. Sandier closer to Montano.
I-40 I-40
Nice flat trails for about 1.5mi north of Central. This is about as far north as you can travel though, as the trails decay into a sandy thicket closer to I-40. About 1mi north of Central there is a trail/doubletrack that goes up onto the enscarmpment just west of the wooded area, and features nice views of the city.     Open Space recently built a new trail in this section, very smooth, good for beginnners or even wheelchairs.
Central Av. Central Av.
There is a newish trail in this area. It is often fairly wide, almost doubletrack.   Some of the best developed and easiest trails are in this area. There are a couple of nice duck ponds with trails around them. There is also a lot of pedestrian traffic. There are some more technical trails closer to Bridge.  
Bridge/Cesar Chavez Bridge/Cesar Chavez
Lovely singletrack trail featuring some cool whoop-de-doos about a mile south of Bridge.  Just south of Bridge there are a few sandy sections.     Nice fast singletrack trail all the way. There is a brief gravel doubletrack in the miiddle. Some of the unforested sections nearer Bridge get a little overgrown with weeds in the summer. 
Rio Bravo Blvd. Rio Bravo Blvd.
There is not much except the levee road south of Rio Bravo.   Intermittent trails. There are a few trails north of the Tijeras Arroyo (where the paved bikepath turns east), that are used for the Sunnislope CX race. There are also a few trails/
doubletracks across from the Valle del Oro Wildllife Refuge about 2mi south of the arroyo. The gravel levee road south is scenic and nice on a CX bike.  
I-25/Isleta Pueblo I-25/Isleta Pueblo.

Last Update 12-11-16