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Tramway Loop

Direct link to map on Google Maps.

A very popular loop ride, taking in the well-known gentle climb up Tramway. Tramway is probably the most cycled road in New Mexico. The views of the Sandias are great. A nice ride in its own right, especially if fingers are added in. This is also often used to tack extra miles onto the Slick 50 (or whatever). There are two variations on how to get from the bikepath to Tramway, both are listed below.

From UNM:
Ride N on the North Diversion Channel bike path.

Faster, more direct route to Tramway which involves riding against traffic for a 1/4 mi. 
Continue to along bikepath under Alameda. Pikepath will turn east into the Baloon Fiesta complex.
Stay on the path until it ends at Jefferson. Go straight through the barriers into a closed street
This will become San Diego, continue east with the drainige on your right, and turn left on San Mateo.
N on San Mateo to Baloon Fiesta Parkway, turn right and go up to the freeway access road.  
Go left and ride against traffic in the wide shoulder of the access road, for about 1/4 mi to Tramway, turn right (E).  
If you are doing the ride in the opposite direction (coming down Tramway) this is definitely the best and fastest way.  
Slightly sower, less direct route avoiding riding against traffic.  
Exit the bikepath just before Paseo del Norte.
Take the bikepath down to Edith and go right (N)
Go under Alameda BOULEVARD and continue about 1/2 mi to Alameda ROAD, turn left. 
Continue over the tracks to 2nd, go right.
Go right on 4th.  
Continue to the roundabout, 4th becomes Roy.    
Roy starts to climb gently and becomes Tramway at I-25. 

Follow Tramway E until it curves to the S along the base of the Sandia foothills. Tramway has a lot of traffic, but there is a wide shoulder.
Continue S on Tramway and take your favorite way home.
The map above shows the way back on Indian School and Constitution.
You could also take the UNM to East Central Fragment.  
(This is one of Steve Mattias' routes, updated a bit.)